Tomorrow's dinners for those who stay home today.

Now live in Italy the first platform to support restaurants owners from the economic consequences of COVID-19 by reserving your seats at the table with SOS SaveOneSeat vouchers when the emergency will be over!


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Our Mission

Following the restrictions imposed on bars and restaurants in Italy, more than 300,000 dining locations had to close their doors to the public, affecting a workforce of almost one and a half million people. Our mission is to create liquidity to support the Italian restaurant sector in the short term, reducing the economic impacts of these necessary preventative health measures.

Le Sorelle Cocchi

Address: Via del Tribunale, 90, 00195 Roma

Type: Mediterranean

Voucher Amount:

€ 50

Il Boccone

Address: Borgo Carissimo 1, 00187 Roma

Type: 1 Michelin Star

Voucher Amount:


Pizzeria Duchessa

Address: Viale Maria Luigia, 33, 00190 Roma

Type: Pizza

Voucher Amount:

€ 30

Trattoria da Leoni

Address: Strada Nuova, 48, 00195 Roma

Type: Tradizionale

Voucher Amount:


How it works?


Do you have a restaurat or a café?

Join our initiative and fill in our platform with the details of your activity Register your business on the website to allow clients to purchase their SOS SaveOneSeat vouchers today. Upon registration, we will contact you as soon as possible to help you to complete the procedure and start selling your vouchers of your business.

Your future clients will buy a voucher for a meal and you will immediately receive the value of the voucher.
You don’t need to think about anything else! What are you waiting for? Join us together with the many restaurants who are already part of the SOS Family!

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Le Sorelle Cocchi

Address: Via del Tribunale, 90, 00195 Roma

Type: Mediterranean

Voucher Amount:

€ 50

How it works?


Even if you are staying at home today, you can already think of where you will go for your next breakfast, lunch or dinner once the emergency is over! The restrictions imposed from the COvid-19 outbreak are depriving us from our little moments but they are above all posing at risk to the thousands small activities forced to stop without any news on when they will start working again!

Choose your favourite restaurants and get ready to celebrate when the emergency is over. We will directly transfer the value of your voucher to the restaurant. Once complete your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your voucher that you will use whenever you want once the emergency is over for up to one year! Just show it to the restaurant.

We're opening soon!

Who are we?

This is an initiative of the Global Shapers di Roma.
Born out of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community works to promote social innovation across Italy in Turin, Milan, Genoa, Florence, Venice, Rome, Bari and Palermo and all over the world. We are a Non-Governmental organisation of inspiring young people under the age of 30 working together to shape our future and build a more inclusive and peaceful world.

Today, together we want to contribute to help our country from recovering to the economic consequences of the COVID-19 thanks to the opportunity of the Digital Revolution.

SOS starts in Italy but it will be soon launched in Europe!

Join Us

To make it a success, WE NEED YOUR HELP! What can you do?

If you own a restaurant or a café you can join us by register your business to the SOS SaveOneSeat Network and wait for your next reservation once the crisis is over.

If you want to flag a restaurant, pre-order your SOS Voucher or you are a business and would like to become partner or sponsor fill in the form and we will contact you!